Patung Pahlawan: Messenger of Indonesian Revolution

Patung Pahlawan (Statue of Hero) or locally known as Patung Petani (Peasent Statue) or Tugu Tani (Peasent Monument) located at Jl. Prapatan, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat/Central Jakarta. The statue was created by the famous Russian sculptor named Matvel Manizer and Otto Manizer. The statue was presented by the Soviet government to the Government of of Indonesia as a manifestation of the friendship the two nations. The statue was made of bronze, made in the Soviet Union and then brought to Jakarta by ship. The statue was inaugurated by President Sukarno in 1963 by putting up a caption on the pedestal, a sentence by Soekarno: “Hanja Bangsa Jang Menghargai Pahlawan Pahlawannya Dapat Menjadi Bangsa Jang Besar” or “Only a Nation Which Respect Its Heroes is a Great Nation”

The statue depicts a peasant man wearing a hat with a rifle on his shoulder, a woman behind him offering him a dish of rice. Both sculptors are getting the idea from a village in West Java where they hear a story or legend about a mother who delivered her son headed off to war. To encourage the spirit of the child to win the struggle and also to remember his parent and his homeland, then his mother gave rice supplies to her son. That’s the story they heard from people in the area of West Java. Both scluptors then made a Statue of Heroes based on the story.

How to get here (see the route map):

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patung pahlawan map


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