3 Tips to Find Original Gemstone

Currently, the gemstone is booming, there are so many people in CommuterLine talking about the gemstone. No wonder if the gemstone sellers take huge profits. If you had that fever, be – careful, because many fake gemstone on the market.

gemstone-88495_640-1As a beginner, you need to know the basic tips to buy gemstone. And do not forget, the biggest market of gemstone is in Jakarta Gems Center

First, always carry a flashlight. You will see fibers in the original gemstone under the flashlight. These fibers are also likely to determine the price and quality of gemstone.

Second, put the gemstone to your cheeks. The original gemstone is cold

Third, squirt water on the gemstone. When the droplet is settling, the gemstone is certainly original.

Of all the tips above, the most important is to find enough information about the gemstone you want to buy. Find all the information about the color, price, and quality since now is much easier because of the Internet that will help you

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