Commuter Train Railways between Manggarai Station and Sudirman Station has been Repaired

Eva Chairunisa, Public Relation Manager of the PT KAI Commuterline Jabodetabek (KCJ), stated that most of the Commuter Train line already back to normal. Since 22 January 2013, The Red Line and Blue Line may reach to the Jakarta Kota Station. Eva also said that the railways in Km 3 between Manggarai Station and Sudirman Station have been able to use again by the Commuter Train, since it was broken at Thursday (17/1/2013) due to the massive flood that broken the West Canal dike along the Jl. Latuharhary.

Jalur Kereta Latuharhary

Currently, only the Yellow Line that still have some obstacle due to the flood in Kampung Bandan Station. Yellow Line from Bogor/Depok to Jatinegara end its destination in Angke Station while Yellow Line from JatinegaraBogor/Depok end its destination in Kemayoran Station. Kampung Bandan Station, said Eva, can not be passed because there are puddles. Currently, the PT KAI put more effort to raise railways.

Picture taken from @CommuterLine

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