@CommuterLine Add 4 trips for Red Line and 2 Trips for Yellow Line

PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (KCJ), operator of @CommuterLine, adds 6 trips and will be effective start from today. Eva Chairunnisa, PR Manager of PT KCJ, said that the company adds more trips for Red Line and Yellow Line.

Eva explained, the changing for the trip schedule is the second time. The previous additions have been done on 14 January 2015 with 12 new trips. With this addition, the total trip for @CommuterLine is 757 trips per day.

The addition of Schedule

Red Line

  • Depok-Jakarta Kota, 06.02
  • Bogor-Jakarta Kota, 09.08
    Jakarta Kota-Bogor, 07.10
  • Jakarta Kota-Bogor:, 10.44

Yellow Line

  • Bogor-Jatinegara, 16.00
  • Jatinegara-Depok, 18.08



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