Crocodile Bread: An Important Symbol for Betawi Brides

Crocodile bread is not ordinary bread, because crocodile bread is an “obliged item” to Betawi wedding. Crocodile bread supposedly inspired from the behavior of crocodiles that only mate once during their lives, the bread is believed to represent the fidelity of the couples. Crocodile is also a mighty animal that can live in two worlds, it also can be used as hope that households become tough and can survive wherever they will stay. Crocodile Bread also has a meaning as a symbol of reliability, because it was thought that the bread is the food of the upper classes.


No wonder if the Crocodile Bread have an important position in Betawi society since it is intended that the married couple will be devoted to each other, to have a better future and can live well and established wealth.

Therefore, no wonder if every Betawi wedding events procession, the groom always carried a pair of large Crocodile bread, and small crocodile bread placed on top of the bread symbolized as women Crocodile.

Creating crocodile bread is not that difficult, because the basic ingredients are very simple: flour, sugar, margarine, salt, yeast, milk powder, eggs, and dye. Overall materials are mixed and stirred until smooth, then shaped like a crocodile and in baked until done.

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