Don’t Miss the Passer Ikan Fair 2014

Museum Bahari held the fourth Passer Ikan Fair on Saturday, 7 to Sunday, 8 June 2014. This event is held to raise the maritime tourism as well as the history of the Port of Sunda Kelapa, which is the forerunner of Jakarta, This year event is not only about the exhibition of historic objects, as well as a miniature of ancestral glory in the maritime field, but also there will be a reconstruction of Fatahillah battle against the Portuguese invaders.

Irfal Gucci, Director of Museum Bahari said that people need to know that the location of Fatahillah battle against the Portuguese, precisely in the Port of Sunda Kelapa, so the will be reconstruction of the battle at Passer Ikan Fair. And apart from the exhibition and the battle, there will be culinary seafood festival.

Passer Ikan Fair 2014

Irfal hope that the Passer Ikan Fair will attract local and foreign tourist to visit Museum Bahari and also Port of Sunda Kalapa.

For more info just mention the @MuseumBahariJKT

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