1 Question   What is jakartabytrain.com actually?
  Answer jakartabytrain.com is a community website, so everyone may become our contributor and you need to do is just register!
2 Question   There are a lot of community website in internet and is there any spesific mission from jakartabytrain.com?
  Answer Our mission is very simple, we trying to build a community website that provide any information on tourism destination in Greater Jakarta (locally known as Jabodetabek or Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang (and Tangerang Selatan), and Bekasi). What makes us different is that we also try to promote our Commuter Line. So this website is basically dedicated to anyone using Commuter Line to travel around Greater Jakarta visiting any tourism destinantion
3 Question   Is there any spesific requirement to involved and become jakartabytrain.com contributor?
  Answer As long as you can write and take picture so you are eligible become part of jakartabytrain.com
4 Question   Can I write anything on jakartabytrain.com?
  Answer Sure, as long as your post is inline with our mission and can be categorized in jakartabytrain.com
5 Question   Basically all i can write is only on the category “destination”: and in “ news, notes from platform 2, and events” category?
  Answer Yes, other than that is our parts. You may write your opinion about the Commuter Line, the Station and it’s related services. If you have any news or if you create an events related on tourism in Greater Jakarta you may also write about it in jakartabytrain.com
6 Question   I can only write in Bahasa Indonesia, can i become your contributor?
  Answer Sure, you are still eligible to become parts of jakartabytrain.com. We do have special category for content in Bahasa Indonesia that we called JakartaByTrain-ID. You can write your content in that category in Bahasa Indonesia
7 Question   What is Editor Choice?
  Answer Editor Choice is only related to any contributor post that attract our editor attention and for sure we still need to visit the destination in your post. We have no longer have that kind of category
8 Question   Am i getting paid for writing and posting?
  Answer Nope, you are not our employee and you have no obligation to us. It is a voluntary works basically
9 Question   How do you do to keep this portal alive?
  Answer Well, although we are not really like it, but we think we will advertise something. Or if you like what we do now, just donate to us.
10 Question   Who is operating this portal?
  Answer This website is operated and maintained by me, Anggara, an ordinary Indonesian Blogger
11 Question   Is my post moderated?
  Answer No, but if you write in Bahasa Indonesia, with your permission, we will translate your post in English, so everyone may also visit to a place that you already there