Green Line’s endpoint will be at Rangkasbitung in 2016

The construction of double track and electrification of railways from Maja to Rangkasbitung along 17 km will be continued next year with a budget of Rp270 billion so Commuter Line can end its journey at Rangkasbitung in 2016 .

Head of Public Relations of the Directorate General Railways of the Ministry of Transportation, Muhartono, said the project needs budget reached Rp765 billion but for next year’s budget is allocated Rp270 billion. Rp270 billion budget was divided into the electrification of existing track between Maja – Rangkasbitung along the 17 km including the construction of the power supply with funds Rp218 , 34 billion .

Directorate General Railways of the Ministry of Transportation is currently completing the installation of the new double track railways, railways signal, and electrification between Parungpanjang – Maja and it is expected to be completed by the end of this year

Although the railway between Parungpanjang and Maja is still single track, as of 17 April, PT KCJ has inaugurated the commuter line opertion between Parungpanjang – Maja. The double track construction between Parungpanjang – Maja is scheduled for completion by the end of this year.

Since 2006, the Ministry of Transportation implemented the infrastructure development programs in Banten and in 2007 the Ministry had completed the construction of double track railway along Tanah Abang – Serpong, which was inaugurated by the President in July 2007.

Last year, the Ministry had completed the construction of double track railways along Serpong – Parungpanjang.

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