It is too complicated going to the second floor of Tanah Abang Station

During rush hour at the office day, specially in the morning, it is really hard to reach to the second floor of the Tanah Abang Station. People queuing extremely crowded, while stopping from Commuter Line and you were about to transit to the other the platform. Stairways were actually fit to 4 lines, two lines for people to go to the waiting hall on the 2nd floor and 2 lines for people from waiting hall to go to the platform. Usually, peoples who will go to the waiting hall will fill all the 4 rows. This is certainly not very pleasant for peoples from the waiting hall about to go to the platform.

Crammed into the ladder is a necessity,it  requires a very hard struggle to be rushed to the second floor. So, when is it going to be a point of concern for Commuter Line service providers?

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