Jakarta Hidden Ice Tour

It’s been a long time there is no JBT Tour. It was hard to remember when was the last #turkrl. This time, we wil hold another #turkrl. The theme for this #turkrl is all related to the ice. In other words, we will enjoy drinking ice in some famous spot destination in Jakarta.

The #turkrl will be hold :

Days                        : Sat, 7 June 2014

Meeting Point    : Manggari Station

Meeting time     : 9.00

The rules and condition for #turkrl will be the same rules like any other JBT Tour. Prepare your own ticket and your other related requirement to participate in #turkrl.

Since the theme is related to ice, so we need help from you to choose destination for #turkrl. Three of the most chosen will be the destination for #turkrl in June 2014.


Choose your destination through comment facility. One person can only select one destination. The voting for #turkrl destination will be closed at Wed, 4 June 2014, 24.00. The cost to ejoy those ices, will not be exceed than Rp.100.000

Please select one of the destination below

  1. Es Kopi Tak Kie
  2. Es Krim Ragusa
  3. Es Krim Tropik
  4. Es Krim Baltic
  5. Es Kacang Merah Megaria

Again, three of the most widely selected will be the destination of #turkrl. Those who want to join, please not to forget become member of the JBT Mailing list, all the related announcement will be posted there.

Ilutration picture was taken here

32 thoughts on “Jakarta Hidden Ice Tour

  1. ragusa… masih penasaran ama eskrim ini, pdhl masih pilek skarang hahahaha… iyah aku pilih ragusa, siapapun presidennya *hayahhh

  2. aku blm prnh nyoba semuanya 🙁
    tapi yg paling penasaran sama ES KRIM TROPIK :p klo kepilih yg tropik aku ikut.. klo gk kepilih.. gak janji bs ikut hehee

  3. Belum pernah semua, tp coba Es Krim Ragusa deeh, aku penyuka binatang soalnya * ragusa-> ragunan satwa* hehehe

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