Jakarta Pageant Contest to be held at Monas

Jakarta Pageant Contest or Abang None Jakarta final night of this year will be held in the open space in Monas. Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo said he appreciate the idea of holding the pageant’s finale in the Monas.

In the previous years, this Jakarta Pageant Contest were held in hotel ballrooms, this year Jakarta’s resident can watch the finalists up close. He also wish that at least 10.000 peoples could enjoy the beauty contest.

Jokowi emphasized the importance of the event, which aimed to preserve Betawi culture and introduce Betawi root culture to the younger generation. Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo added that he will also make Pasar Gambir folk party which will take place from 13.00 18.00 to enliven the final night. The final election of Abang None Jakarta will be held on July 3 at the eastern side of the monument plaza. Visitors will not be charged for watching this show.

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