Jakarta to have integrated ticket for TransJakarta, APTB, and Commuter Line

Jakarta Transportation Agency is on the way to design an integrated ticket or a single ticket for TransJakarta , integrated border transit busway (APTB), medium bus, and the Commuter Line. The integrated ticket is to to facilitate passenger access.

“We will connect them all, now is being designed with PT KAI” Jokowi said after inaugurating the operation of 10 new buses in APTB Shelter APTB Slipi – Petamburan, on Friday 24/01/2014.

However, Jokowi still not sure when the integrated ticketing system will be implemented. He also emphasized that the application of this system would not be difficult since the Jakarta Transportation Agency and PT KAI has communicated the idea.

Integration ticketing system between TransJakarta, APTB, medium bus, and Commuter Line to give comfort to the passengers since the passengers do not have to bother with many different tickets for any means of transportation. Tickets can also be interpreted as an integrated of all transportation modes.

Integrated ticket which will be applied in all mass transportation facilities in Jakarta in the form of electronic money (e – money) and issued by one agency

Illustration is taken from here

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