KRL Access Vs. InfoKRL

As passengers of CommuterLine, we would require a lot of travel information related to @CommuterLine.Well, since the problem of delays still frequently occurs, i need to have some prediction on the travel time from my current position to the arrival station

aplikasi KRL

One of the information that I often use is infokrl, an official application issued by PT KCJ. Basically this application shows the train position going towards or departing from the station where we are. In addition this application also shows train schedule that will passing the station where we are.


The problem is this application is not too useful if we travel across the line, for example from the Green Line to the Yellow Line. A bit trouble for us to predict how much time it takes travel to the arrival station. In addition, although the application is available for blackberry, android and iphone, it still use Bahasa Indonesia


At this moment, PT KCJ issued an application again and named KRL Access. Similar to the previous application, but there are some differences. The information provided was in English. You can check the train position at the station where you are and also see the train schedule that will passing the station where you are. The Coolest thing is this application is equipped with the fare scheme to travel from the departure station to the destination station.

KRL Access

This application also have complaint email feature, and news updates from the company. It’s easy and convenient to use. Well, there are bit problems, besides there are a few Bahasa Indonesia which is a bit annoying at train position menu and other problem which is the same with the previous application is no too friendly to travel between lines.

KRL Access-menu

Despite all these shortcomings, what is done by PT KCJ shall be appreciated well


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