Police hunt the Spreader of Hoax Messages on “Thursday Leave”

The Jakarta Police will hunt the spreader of Hoax BBM messages which states the Governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo set Thursday (17/01), as a day off together. It was announced at Thursday by the Head of Public Relations of the Jakarta Police. The police will search any information on the hoax messages dissemination. The police also confirm that the hoax message is very troubling because it carries the name of the Governor Jakarta, Jokowi and already serve as a source of information.


Here’s the message chain said on “Thursday Leave“: “At 6:30 pm, at the TV One,  Governor Joko Widodo declared that today is a day off together for DKI Jakarta because the paralysis of some streets  in DKI Jakarta.”

Reported earlier, Chief Public Information and Communication Office of Jakarta, Eko Hariadi confirmed that the Governor never stated that Thursday as a day off together for reasons that Jakarta affected by floods.

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