Pusat Kesenian Betawi: A Cultural Center Wanna Be

Pusat Kesenian Betawi or Betawi Art Center is located on Jl. Bekasi Timur No 76 Jakarta Timur/East Jakarta. Previously this building is used by District Military Command 0505, and in 2005 the Jakarta Government taking over this building. Reportedly, Governor Fauzi Bowo ordered to renovate this building in 2010 and he was hope that this building can be use as Betawi Art Center.


Some say that this building is not the house of the Meester Cornelis Senen, but use as the district court (landraad). But the official information said that this building is the house of Meester Cornelis Senen. Meester is the name of the title since Cornelis Senen is a Christian teacher and Head of Banda Village in Batavia. Cornelis Senen is the son of a wealthy family from Lontar, Banda, Maluku. Cornelis Senen came to Batavia in the 17th century and opened the school in 1635. He was known as the first to build and develop the area known today as Jatinegara.

In the book Historical Sites of Jakarta (1982), historian Adolf Heuken just mentioned, the building was once used as a fortress during heavy fighting between British troops and the Netherlands in February 1811. In 1939 – 1942 the building was used as a Regent Office Meester Cornelis whose territory includes Bekasi Regency now.

How to get here (see the route map):

From Juanda/Gondangdia/Cikini go to platform 2 and take the Blue Line heading to Bekasi and stop at Jatinegara station and take a 2 minute walks to the East

From Tanah Abang go to platform 2 and take the Yellow Line heading to Jatinegara. Take take a 2 minute walks to the East

From Sudirman go to platform 1 and take the Yellow Line heading to Jatinegara. Take take a 2 minute walks to the East

See the link map or the map below

Pusat Kesenian Betawi Map

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