Solear Tigaraksa Station

Tigaraksa-Station_IMG_20160603_114848Solear_Tigaraksa_Station_IMG_20160603_115316 Solear-Tigaraksa_IMG_20160603_115308

Note: The Official Name is Tigaraksa Station, but we choose to add Solear to make different with the Capital of Kab. Tangerang is also called as Tigaraksa. Both location is separated with great distance

Address: Jl. Solear, Cikasungka (See the map here)

Entrance Gate:

Number of Floor: 1

Number of Platform: 4

Platform Note

  • Platform 2 for CommuterLine heading to Maja
  • Platform 3 for Tanah Abang

Basic Facilities:

All the facilities are located at the 1st floor:

  • Ticket Counter: 3
  • Automated Vending Machine: No
  • Muslim Prayer Room: Yes
  • Public Toilet: Yes

Additional Facilities

  • ATM: No
  • Convenience Store: No

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