Special path for Parliament member from Palmerah Station

The Ministry of Transportation said there was some train station in Jakarta, which will be developed as a model stations. The ministry plan to develop Palmerah Station, Sudirman Station, and Manggarai Station.

The Palmerah Station will be renovated and develop this year and will have a special path that connect Palmerah Station with the House of Representative complex. Today, between Palmerah Station and the Parliament building is separated with Jl. Gelora 1. This special path will make the member of parliament to have easy access to the Parliament building from the Palmerah Station.


While next year the ministry plant to develop Sudirman Station for trains to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (SHIA).

The railways had to be developed to reduce the burden of traffic in Jakarta and has to combined with buses and other public transportation to be the backbone of the city’s transport. Railway development in Jakarta must be integrated with other public transport.

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