Taman Stasiun Kota: From Park to Shelter

Previously, before the Jakarta Kota Station there was a park known as the Jakarta Kota Station Park (Taman Stasiun Kota or Stasionsplein).The only relic of the Park is a clock monument built in Art Deco style. Currently the park is no longer able to be seen, since the park have been changed into crossing pathway and partly used as TransJakarta Bus Shelter.

The East side of the park, located Jakarta Kota Railway Station, a large and magnificent station was built in 1870. North side of the park there is a mixture of Art Deco-style buildings and modern architecture. The building is now used as a Bank Mandiri.


While the west side of the park there is a large building that currently serves as the Museum Bank Mandiri. While the south side of the park there are several Chinese-style buildings, one of them that can be seen is the home for ashes storage.


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