The Magnificent Tanjung Priok Station

As a former station which was bearing the word “magnificent” in Southeast Asia, the aura of grandeur can still be enjoyed until now. With such grandeur, the station has become one of the photography objects

Some people also pose in the Tanjung Priok Station

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And unfortunately I just found out that there was an event on 25 September 2016 at the Tanjung Priok Station in commemoration of the 71 anniversary of PT KAI. The event called as “Karnaval de Stasiun Tanjung Priok”

The event was quite simple they just did cleaning and joyride with Si Bon Bon and Jaka Kendil

But, there a lot of images appear on that day also

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And there was also a fashion show and some of the models posing in front of Si Bon Bon Electric Train

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