Train Accident: Green Line is closed

The evacuation of commuter line accident in Bintaro Permai, South Jakarta is still underway. Officers are still trying to evacuate the Commuter Line train cars that burned after colliding with a Gasoline Pertamina truck. As a result, train travel between Tanah Abang – Serpong – Rangkas Bitung is closed.

Until now there are five victims who died as a result of the accident. Two female while three others victims are male. Two male victimes were estimated as train technicians and one person was the train driver named Darmawan.

From the data gathered by PT KAI, 68 victims injured as a result of this accident. Most victims is  on undergoing treatment at the Dr. Suyoto Hospital Bintaro, nine passengers were treated to Fatmawati Hospital and the rest were treated at the Bintaro International Hospital. While the truck truck driver and helper is on undergoing treatment at Pertamina Hospital in South Jakarta.

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