The History of Jatinegara Station

Jatinegara Station, in the pre-independence known as Meester Cornelis Station, is located at Jl. Raya Bekasi Barat, Jakarta Timur/East Jakarta. Jatinegara station predictably has been built by Staats Spoorwegen (SS) in 1901 and has been designated as a heritage building. The station also serves as a depot for the railroad locomotive that needs to be light-scale treatment. Station building showing the architectural design which is a transitional style between Indische Empire in the Colonial to modern style architecture. This style tries to adjust to environmental conditions in Indonesia.

The use of the roof with a sharp slope which is really a form of the roof of Europe, where the sharp slope of the roof intended to fast the snow fell, while the house in a tropical climate requires only a gentle slope of the roof to drain rainwater. Areas of openings such as doors, windows, jalousie or clerestory (roof windows) are wide devoted to natural lighting corresponding to a humid tropical climate. Front view of the building is not symmetrical, but the look of the emphasis on the center as a vocal point or center of attention through space size and height of buildings is more prevalent.



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