Gambir Station

Gambir Station is located at Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur, Jakarta Pusat/Central Jakarta and was first built in 1930 under the name Koningsplein Station. In the 1990s Gambir stations renovated as part of the elevated rail project for the Central Cross-distance trains. This renovation makes this station as the main and the largest station located in Jakarta. The station is similar to a mini shopping mall and has three floor levels, with the platform and the railway is on the third floor. Gambir station not only serves Commuter Line but also long-distance trains to other cities in Java. Public toilets and mosque also present in the main lobby 1 st floor. To enter Gambir station, you can enter at the South Entrance or from the North Entrance, while the East Entrance and West Entrance is only used for VIP. This station also has a drive-thru counter to buy train tickets.  If you want to by Commuter Line ticket, the counter exactly located on Level 2 at the southern entrance.

On the first floor if you pass the southern entrance you will find many food court, a convenience store, ATM, post office, restaurant, travel agency, bank, bookstore, locker, public toilets, ATM center, mosque, and coffee shops. There is also available a rail box (self-service ticketing). This station also provides a lift in South and North Entrance for Disabled person. Customer service is available at the south entrance

If you enter the station via the North Entrance, there are a train ticket counter, food court, and the ATM Center. Commuter Line ticket is serving at the counter 23 and 22. If you want to travel out of Jakarta you can book train tickets through this door. To find a taxi, Airport Bus, and motorcycle taxi, you must exit through the south/north entrance then walk to the west which overlooks the Monumen Nasional/National Monument (Monas)

Main Lobby on the second floor of the station is also equipped with restaurants, convenient store, bakery store, Atm center / bank. If your laptop/smart phone are run out of batteries, do not afraid because it is available free charger outlet. This station has four platforms and four railways. The 2nd floors in the main lobby and platform you will find many quite comfortable seats to to wait

The name of the Gambir station cannot be separated from the name of Pasar Gambir (Gambir Market) that has existed since 1920. Pasar Gambir initially held for the coronation of the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina on August 31, 1898. The market is called Pasar Gambir since in that area there are many Gambir Trees to be found. This Gambir Tree or Uncaria Gambir is also widely used as medicine by the Jakarta people at that time.

Historically, Pasar Gambir is one of the famous markets in Batavia in the Dutch colonial era. Many people from all corner of Batavia come to Pasar Gambir. No wonder if the public identifies the area around the market as Gambir, Including identifying the name of the station within a few meters from the market. The station established in the 1930’s as part of the ancillary facilities of the Weltevreden (now Gambir) which developed into a center of government in the reign of Governor-General Daendels, replacing the Old City of Batavia that at the time it gets worse because of outbreaks of disease.

Platform Note (CommuterLine is no longer stop here)

  • Platform 1 and 2 are for Commuter Line heading to Jakarta Kota
  • Platform 3 and 4 are for Commuter Line heading to Manggarai, Bogor and Bekasi.


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