2014: Will it be more faster to the SHIA?

Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) is currently renovated and upgraded. On October 24, 2010, the government has set the revitalization of SHIA as a national priority that must be supported by all parties. One form of revitalization is the construction of Airport Train Station or SHIA Station at Terminal 3 SHIA. Revitalization SHIA necessarily required, because according to Airport Council International in 2011, SHIA has listed for 52.4 million passenger movements / year compared to the current capacity is only able to accommodate the movement of passengers by 22 million / year. In 2030 estimated growth in SHIA passenger movement will reach more than 88 million / year.

With such a passanger large growth, no wonder if there is congestion when entering and exit of the SHIA. When peak time you will see many high accumalation of passanger waiting for taxi to exit from SHIA. This situation will certainly disturb the comfort of the passenger who was about to depart and arrive at SHIA. This discomfort will certainly disturb the prestige SHIA as Indonesia Gateway.

Under the plan obtained by jakartabytrain.com, there will be two lanes to go to SHIA which are Commuter Line and Express Line. Express Line will be built on elevated railways, start from Manggarai StationSudirmanDuriAngke – Pluit – SHIA Station. Commuter Line will start from Manggarai StationSudirmanTanah Abang – Duri – Grogol – Bojong Indah – Kalideres – Tanah Tinggi – SHIA Station. SHIA station will be in Terminal 3, where construction of the station will begin in 2013 and will be operational in 2014. In Terminal 3 SHIA itself, there will be a People Mover, so passanger from Terminal 3 will also easily go to Terminal 1, Terminal 2, or Soewarna Park.

The problem is, if this 2014 SHIA Station will operate in 2014, until now it seems Duri Station, Tanah Abang Station, and Manggarai Station not get a touch to the revitalization of this station. Do not forget Duri Station is the Hub Station for Yellow Line (Jatinegara – Depok / Bogor roundtrip) and the Brown Line (Duri – Tangerang roundtrip), while Tanah Abang Station is a hub station between the Yellow Line (Jatinegara – Depok / Bogor roundtrip) and Green Line ( Tanah Abang – Serpong / Parungpanjang roundtrip). And Manggarai Station is a hub station for Red Line (Bogor/Depok – Jakarta Kota roundtrip), Blue Line (Bekasi – Jakarta Kota roundtrip), and Yellow Line (Jatinegara – Depok / Bogor roundtrip). Let us see whether there will be changes in early 2014 for passengers going and coming to SHIA?


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