Hotel Indonesia Kempinski: The First 5 Star Hotel in Jakarta

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, located on Jl MH Thamrin No. 1 Jakarta Pusat/Central Jakarta formerly known as Hotel Indonesia. This hotel is the first five-star hotel built in Jakarta and the first in Southeast Asia. Hotel that occupies a land area of 25,082 square meters was inaugurated on August 5, 1962 by President Sukarno in order to welcome the Asian Games IV Delegates in 1962. This hotel is located right in the Bundaran HI, where the Welcome Statue located.

The hotel is designated as a cultural heritage with the issuance by the Government of DKI Jakarta Governor Decree No. 475 dated March 29, 1993. The development of Hotel Indonesia was initially criticized as a big spender project. But Sukarno kept going, and set the slogan ‘A Dramatic Symbol of Free Nations Working Together’ for Hotel Indonesia. Hotel Indonesia was designed by architects from the United States, Abel Sorensen and his wife, Wendy. The building design is like the letter T so that all rooms have a wide view of the Jakarta as the capital city. Part of the hotel was first built was Ramayana Wing and Ganesha Wing.

In 2004, managemen of this historic hotel was moved to the private sector under the management of Kempinski network. Kempinski has experience managing the old hotels in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The fall of the historic hotel into private hands is also attract protest from the observer of cultural.

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski has a modern facility with nearly 300 rooms are divided into classes Deluxe Room, Grand Deluxe Room, Studio Suites measuring between 58 square meters and 63 square meters, and Presidential Suite measuring 512 square meters.

This hotel certainly can not be separated from Sukarno, Indonesia’s first president. Sukarno was the one who had the idea built this historic hotel. One restaurant that became a legend at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski is the Signatures Restaurant. As you stepped into the Signatures Restaurant, Sukarno photographs with world figures displayed in large measure on one side of the wall. In one corner, there is a long table, which became the favorite place for Sukarno. Soekarno often took his family to eat at this place. Do you want to feel sitting at Soekarno favorite places? You can drop in to Signatures Restaurant and enjoy a buffet with prices ranging from Rp 175,000 (+ +) for breakfast.

How to get here (see the route map):

From Juanda / Gondangdia / Cikini go to platform 2 and take the Red Line or Blue Line heading to Bekasi/Depok/Bogor and stop at Manggarai and and go to platform 5 and take the Yellow Line heading to Angke/Jatinegara and stop at Sudirman, and take a 11 minutes walks to the North

From Tanah Abang go to platform 3 and take the Yellow Line heading to Depok/Nambo/Bogor and stop at Sudirman, and take a 11 minutes walks to the North

See the link map or the map below



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