Getting Jakarta from Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) by Train

The Airport, as I said before, now being under renovation. The renovation and rebuilding including the development of the Airport Train Station. While waiting for completetion of the Airport Train Station, the only famous way to Jakarta from Soekarno Hatta International Airport (SHIA) are using Taxi, Shuttle Bus, Airport Bus, and Rent a Car. But all this mode of transportation is highly dependent to the road and toll road, which is sometimes we cannot make a prediction on the horrific traffic jam that suddenly may occur when you travel from SHIA to Jakarta.

Since I promote the other way getting to Jakarta through this website, so let us think using the Commuter Line service when you touch down in SHIA. At leat there are three closest Commuter Line Stations from SHIA, namely Batu Ceper Station (21 – 29 minutes), Poris Station (17 – 23 minutes), and Kalideres Station (21 – 23 minutes). Well, getting to these three stations, you also need a taxi, since the Airport Operator are not providing any shuttle bus from the Airport to the closest Commuter Line Station . But, there are rarely traffic jam from SHIA to How to get to Batu Ceper Station, Poris Station, and Kalideres Station.

SHIA – Batu Ceper Station (see the link map)

SHIA – Poris Station (see the link map)

SHIA Kalideres Station (see the link map)

If you wish to anyhotels in Central Jakarta you may stop at Tanah Abang Station, Sudirman Station, Gondangdia Station, and Cikini Station.


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