The History of Bogor Station

Bogor Station is located at Jl. Nyi Raja Permas Bogor and built in 1881. The station originally was built by the railway company owned by the Government of the Indische Netherlands in 1872 as the last station for the line Batavia-Buitenzorg (Jakarta-Bogor) and was opened in 1873. The opening line was to shorten the travel from Batavia-Buitenzorg (Jakarta – Bogor) who was still using horse-drawn carriage to serve passengers.

The increasing number of passengers traveling from Jakarta – Bogor required larger spaces that can accommodate many people. Therefore, in 1881 the government built a new station. In a rooms at this station there is an inscription which was founded in 1881. The inscription is made of marble as the dedication of employees as saying good morning to the D Marschalk who retire for his services to develop the railways in Java. This station is the final and departure station of CommuterLine.


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