PT. KAI Launch the Kalimaya Train

Exciting news for the citizens of Kabupaten Tangerang this time is coming from PT KAI (Indonesian Railways Corporation). Saturday, October 27, 2012, PT KAI officially launched the Kalimaya Train, an air conditioned train with eight cabins, which serve Serang – Rangkasbitung – Tigaraksa, and Tanah Abang (roundtrip). The route from Serang to Tanah Abang as far as 105 kilometers takes approximately 130 minutes and the Kalimaya train transporting 848 people in one trip.

If you plan to travel to Jakarta from Tigaraksa Station, you have to purchase a Rp. 30.000 (less than USD 4) ticket for single trip. Unlike the Commuter Line, PT KAI will not sell subsriber tickets for Kalimaya train users and for now, tickets can only be purchased at the station of departure.

In June 2012, at least Tigaraksa station had serve about 2,000 people who are mostly commuters who go to Jakarta through this station. Tigaraksa station is located in the middle of a residential area, Taman Adiyasa, who is said in the New Order administration was called as the the largest housing area in Indonesia and ASEAN. The other public transportation available in this Tigaraksa Station are motorcycle taxi, bus and minibus.

Kalimaya Train Schedule

No Departure Station Time
1 Serang 06.10
2 13.45
3 Tanang Abang 09.35



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