PT KCJ to Launch a New E Ticketing System

Commuter Electronic Tickect (Commet), subscription tickets for the passengers of Commuter Line is no longer valid since Monday (3/12/2012). PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (KCJ) as operator of Commuter Economic Train (KRL) / Commuter Line will begin implementing a new system based cutting system balance.

In the previous Commet system, Commuter Line Passenger has to reload the Commet at the beginning of every month and when the Commet not in use it will still be counted. While in the new system has allowed Commuter Line user to reload the balance for the next few months and if customers do not travel with the Commuter Line, then there is no deduction on the balance that has been filled.

Since Commet being launched in February 2012, the number of users reached 19.127 people. However, only 11.865 people that still active reload the Commet in early November

The basic question is whether e ticketing will apply for all urban train and not only for Commuter Line but also for the Commuter Economic Train (KRL)? Moreover, how in the event of transfer between Commuter Line and Commuter Economic Train (KRL) and vice versa?

The successful implementation of e ticketing in many countries is certainly need a prerequisite condition that there is only one level of service for public transport


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