Live Music Performance at the Commuter Train

street-musicianOne of the benefits of using the Economic Electric Train rather than then Commuter Line is you have a chance to see a live music performance inside the train. In general, the street band is consists of 3-5 people. Some use simple drums, violin, guitar, and sometimes bass. They are also have the lead singer and the other band members play multiple roles as backing vocals. If you’re lucky, you’ll find performers who have a quite good voices and attractive appearance.

The musicians in this Economic Electric Train will run a perform in carriage. In averages they will play 3 to 5 song in each carriage. The stage of these street musicians is on the carriage. They are also exploring the stage just like other famous the band in the country, even without the stage manager, but due to the mutual understanding and cooperation of the members of the band, the stage action is also pretty cool.

Are you interested to see the live performance? Just try to occasionally to get the Economic Electric Train, in case you are lucky enough to find it


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