Premiere: Di Balik Frekuensi, a Movie from @ucu_agustin

Di Balik Frekuensi or Behind the Frequency: a movie from Ucu Agustin is a documentary movie that invites people to look at the situation in Indonesia broadcast media, in this case is television. After the reformasi era, we see the growth of the media business tycoon that became the main features of the media industry in Indonesia. Thousands of media was only owned and controlled by 12 media corporations. The twelve media corporation has flooded the public with information of the media agenda and the interests but public interest


The movie will have the story from Luviana, a journalist at Metro TV, were dismissed for questioning the rights of workers and criticized the policies of newsrooms. In addition the film also revolves the story of Hari Suwandi and Harto Wiyono, the two victims of Lapindo mudflow. They have walk from Porong – Sidoarjo to Jakarta and they spent nearly a month to seek justice for the victims of Lapindo. Since the compensation payments by PT Lapindo Jaya Menarak is not yet paid off. Behind The Frequencies movie will premiere on Thursday, January 24, 2013, at 19:00 at the Blitz Megaplex – Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. If you have the invitation from the Producers, just come and see this interesting movie

How to get here (see the route map):

From Juanda/Gondangdia/Cikini go to platform 2 and take the Red Line/Blue Line heading to Depok/Bogor/Bekasi then stop at Manggarai Station. Go to Platform 2/5 and take the Yellow Line heading to Duri/Angke/Jatinegara and stop at Sudirman Station and take a 11 minutes walk to the north

From Tanah Abang go to platform 3/5 and take Yellow Line heading to Depok/Bogor then stop at Sudirman Station and take a 11 minutes walk to the north

see the link map or the map below

Blitz Megaplex Grand Indonesia Map


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