Commuter Train Schedule Still Not Normal

Indonesia Train Corporation (PT. KAI) has not yet been able to fix the rail line in the area of Latuharhary Street, Central Jakarta due to flooding has not receded. Commuter Train railways between Manggarai Station and Sudirman station is still in poor condition as a result of the collapse of the West Canal dike. PT KAI is still not able to make improvements for the railways if the West Canal dike is still not closed.

On Friday, the Green Line only operate from Parung Panjang/SerpongPalmerah Station. Yellow Line only Operate from Jatinegara Station to Kemayoran Station. Blue Line only operate from Bekasi Station to Manggarai Station, and Red Line only operate from Bogor/Depok to Manggarai Station While Brown Line still close its operation due to the railways between Rawa Buaya Station and Pesing Station used temporary shelter for flood victims.

Rel Stasiun Rawa Buaya

Picture taken from @BindaUmar


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