Jakarta Hit By Deadly Flood, Commuter Line Stop its Operation

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia hit by massive flooding. Some part of Jakarta has been hit by flood since 15 January. Reportedly, that 6 people are died, and more than 15 thousand people have abandoned their homes, as officials warn that the rain could worsen in the next few days. Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo, already declared Jakarta under state emergency status until January 27. It is reported that 27 out of 44 subdistricts in Jakarta are flooded. Google user created a Google Map to locate the heavily flooded areas in Jakarta

Stasiun Tanah Abang Banjir

As a result, many government offices, businesses, and some school have been forced to close. Jakarta people are used to dealing with floods, since this flood happens every year. But this time, the immune district such as The Independence Palace, Jakarta City Hall, and also Bunderan Hotel Indonesia has been affected by flood. In low-lying areas, reportedly that waters have reached 2-3 metres high.

Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, with the Foreign Minister, Marty Natalegawa were walking around the palace. The President said that he had no problem if the Palace being flooded since the most important is the people of Jakarta are protected. The President also had instructed the Chief of Indonesian Police and Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army to deploy their forces and evacuate flood victims.

Stasiun Sudirman Banjir

Some Commuter Line Station stop operation since it was affected by flood. The Ministry of Transportation already instructed the Commuter Line to stop operation for safety reason. Train service was cancelled in the greater Jakarta area after floods destroyed 40 meters of tracks between Sudirman Station and Manggarai Station. The train company is unable to fix the damaged tracks until the West Canal dike is repaired.

Jalur Sudirman Manggarai

The Six station that can not operate due to flooding is Jakarta Kota Station, Kampung Bandan Station, Tanah Abang Station, Sudirman Station, Manggarai Station, Tebet Station. Meanwhile the Brown Line Route can not operate due to a number of stations used as temporary shelter for displaced people. For more updare on Commuter Train Services please follow @CommuterLine.

Note: All picture above taken from @CommuterLine at here, here, and here


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