More than 15 thousand people in Jakarta have been displaced due to floods

National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) stated that until Friday (18/1), the numbers of displaced victims of the flooding in Jakarta are reach around 15,423 people. They came from 720 RT, 309 RW, 73 villages, 31 subdistricts. The displaced peoples are scattered in 68 spot. 7196 people in East Jakarta, 3147 people in South Jakarta, 1268 people in Central Jakarta, 2912 people in West Jakarta and 900 people in North Jakarta.

The government continues to do serious efforts for emergency response. National Center for Flood Mitigation is mobilizing all the national resources that will work until the end of February 2013 with consideration of the flood condition in Jakarta. The National Center for Flood Mitigation will continue to support the Government of Jakarta to handling floods.

The Jakarta government already request prompt support to central government for public shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, sanitation, water pump and also the involvement of military and police.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health through the Center for Health Crisis (PPKK) in coordination with Jakarta Center of Health Crisis, providing 10 tons of food companion of Breast Milk, to the displaced people in Jakarta. Donations are planned to be distributed by the Jakarta Health Agency.


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