A Pose with Hundreds of Walking Dead Bodies

Since I have been living in Jakarta, or near Jakarta, i never been to Car Free Day. Car Free Day is a program supported by the government of Jakarta to make the Sudirman – Thamrin Corridor as a public space.  I heard that the Indonesia Zombie Community will held an event called Jakarta Out Break at Sunday, 27 January 2013. So i decided to see the event, since they would walked from Dukuh Atas to Bunderan HI.


So surprise, a lot of people gather around in Sudirman – Thamrin Corridor. They do so many activities. A lot of people use bike to travel from Bunderan HI to any other spot along the Sudirman – Thamrin Corridor. Some people jogging or just sit to enjoy the fountain at Bundaran HI.


Some brand like Indosat open a free concert. A indie reggae band perform at that free concert and invite anyone to go on stage and sing with them. Even, you can take photos of TransJakarta from a very close distance.


According to the organizing committee, the Zombies will start to walk at 7.30 but for some technical reason they were late and started to walk from Dukuh Atas around 9.30. I sat and wait at the Bundaran HI, and I do jump when I heard they started to walk. But I wonder since I have seen from a distance, suddenly they were reversed again when they reached the UOB Plaza.


According to their twitter account, they have already obtained the permission of the Jakarta Transportation Agency regarding the route to be taken from Dukuh Atas to Bunderan HI. But the agency at that time refused to grant permission to walk to Bunderan HI. Wahyu Aditya said, that the zombies were asked to reversed back because of the free concert conducted by a brand.


Because of that strange event, I had to catch up the Zombies just to take some picture. When the zombie reach again to the starting point, the orginizing committee claim that the Jakarta OutBreak followed by 148 participants and it was the biggest zombies event in Southeast Asia.


I guess, some local ghost character should perform also at car free day, since the character of a ghost is a picture reflection of the society situation and condition. And if the Zombies need a lawyer when they want to do this event again, I guess I will be happy to represent them on a pro bono basis



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