Embassy of Myanmar at Jakarta

Kedutaan Besar Republik Persatuan Myanmar or the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is located at Jl H. Agus Salim No 109, Central Jakarta/Jakarta Pusat. Its location is close to the Welcome Monument. The country’s official name is Myanmar, but some countries and human rights activist worldwide consistently call the country “Burma”.


Burma/Myanmar is the second largest country in Southeast Asia and popularly known as the The Golden Land. It was under military rule from 1962 tot 2011. Yangon was its previous capital city, but on 7 November 2005, the military government has moved the capital city to Naypyidaw. Burma/Myanmar had held a referendum on constitutional reform on 10 May 2008, before the general election under the new constitution was held in 2010. Since the election the Burmese government has launched a series of reforms, such as releasing Aung San Suu Kyi, establishing the National Human Rights Commission, granting a general amnesty to the political prisoners, introducing a new labour law, and relaxing the press censorship. Aung San Suu Kyi’s party, the NLD (National League for Democracy),  also participated in the election and won 43 of 45 seats available.

Burma/Myanmar has become a new and emerging tourist destination in Southeast Asia. The country is rich in cultural and natural attractions. It has numerous pagodas, temples, archaeological sites, snow-peaked mountains, deep forests with abundant flora and fauna, rivers and natural lakes, as well as unspoilt beaches and archipelagos. No less than 135 ethnic groups are living in the country, who have colourful costumes, divers customs, wonderful arts, and traditional crafts.

How to get here (see the route map):

From Juanda / Gondangdia / Cikini go to platform 2 and take the Red Line/Blue Line heading to Bekasi/Depok/Bogor and stop at Manggarai. Go to platform 5 and take the Yellow Line heading to Angke/Jatinegara and stop at Sudirman. Take a 13 minute walk to the north

From Tanah Abang go to platform 3 and take the Yellow Line heading to Depok/Nambo/Bogor and stop at Sudirman. Take a 13 minute walk to the north

See the link map or the map below


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