Street Vendors in the Fatahillah Park will be regrouping in 4 groups

The Jakarta government will organize street vendors Fatahillah Park. The traders will be divided into 4 groups according to the criteria of its business and may only sell at night. Ratna Ningsih, Head of the SME and Cooperative Agency of Jakarta said that traders will occupy 4 clusters. The first and third cluster is located at Jl. Post Kota and on the right side of Bank Mandiri. The second cluster located at the left side of the Cafe Batavia and the fourth cluster is located on Jl. Kali Besar Timur.

Sepeda Taman Fatahillah

Ratna said the traders in the fourth cluster will only allowed sell at night. Especially for food vendors, they will be equipped with a canopy tent, cook and cui carts, as well as visitor chairs. Total 260 street vendors were grouped into 4 clusters. Tjahaja Basuki Purnama, Vice Governor of Jakarta stated that all vendors will no longer allowed to sell in the Fatahillah Park.

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