How to travel with children using @CommuterLine

Traveling by commuterline for children can be exciting and giving some memorable experiences for them, as long as we make some preparations before the trip, because it’s important to be fully prepared, since we want to have fun during the trip. Commuterline is well-known as a fast and low cost transportation, it will be much easier to get from one place to another using this public transportation, so imagine you can bring your kids to many interesting places such as museums or theme parks.

So here are some useful tips for traveling with kids using commuterline :

  • check the schedule, you can browse it from commuterline’s website
  • if you never bring kids before, it would be wiser if you avoid taking trip during peak time or busy hours at the weekdays, choose non-peak time at the weekend instead.
  • bring essential things for your kids, like snacks, drinks, books or games that will keep them busy during the trip. Usually children are very excited during train trip, but just in case something may happen like train delays, those useful stuffs will distract them for awhile.
  • be early, arrive early at the station, so you and kids can enjoy a moment at the station
  • never allowed kids to go to bathroom at the station by themselves, always keep an eye for them, if you go to station with more than two toodlers, I strongly suggest you to bring babysitter or other that can help you during the trip.
  • kids can easily fall and hurt themselves, especially when the train is moving faster, so remember to always watch for them, if you can’t find any seat for your kids (this may happen during busy hours) always hold their hands with you or tell your kids to hold the pole in the train.
  • some kids will likely sleep everywhere, so you need to be prepare when they feel sleepy, bring a soft and comfy handbag that can be use as a pillow for them to sleep
  • tell your kids about what they should do and what they should not do during the trip, for example ; they should never walk alone without you, and never go out of the train without you, and many other things for their own safety.

If your children are unfamiliar with commuterline, you can introduce them through books or videos about train, and also tell them some safety tips for train trip, and you may visit a train station with kids first before prepare for the trip

Using commuterline for vacation can be a fun and a great experience for your children, just remember to make a good planning beforehand. Have a nice trip !


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