Free Download #jkttravelmapproject ver 1.0

Well, the final version of the #jkttravekmapproject has not been issued yet. But let me show you the first version of the #jkttravelmapproject. It is very simple, clean, and with a lot of picture. There would be more and more version for update on #jkttravelmapproject. We provide a dedicated special page for updating of the #jkttravelmapproject version.

You can print the travel map and/or distributed to your friend as well. This travel map can be folded and the size of the map is only about the size of your pocket. No need to worry by carrying this travel map. We still try to develop this travel map and try to print it. The Final version would be distributed freely at the tourism spot

For those who already support the #jkttravelmapproject. Many thanks, hope all your effort and support may have the greatest benefit for all of us 🙂

Please download the map with pdf format here

Please see the map page 1

Please see the map page 2


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