Visiting Jakarta? Do not forget to try “God Vehicle”

Bajaj, basically bajaj is the brand name of the India Leading two wheeler manufacturers. But in this article, i would like to refer to the three-wheeler Bajaj. There are two type of Bajaj in Jakarta, the one with orange with a two-stroke engine and the other is blue with a machine that uses CNG. Blue colored Bajaj tariff is more expensive than the orange colored Bajaj. Blue colored Bajaj is also larger than the Orange colored Bajaj.


If you want to use Bajaj, you should do bargain for the price with the driver. Better if you can speak a little bit of Bahasa Indonesia. It is quite easy to find this unique public transportation outside the commuter train station. Just keep in mind, Bajaj is commonly known as “God Vehicle” here, since only God and the driver that knows where the Bajaj would turn. This joke comes from the Bajaj it self, since even if Bajaj have the left and right sign, but commonly is turn off. So any driver behind the Bajaj could only guess the direction that Bajaj will go.


The other note is if you hired Bajaj, then they have a very sophisticated technology. Bajaj use the one touch technology to stop. Well, all you can do is pat the driver shoulder and the Bajaj will stop.

I found this interesting website on Bajaj, just take a look here


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