Red Line Schedule will change at 1 April 2013

PT. KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (PT KCJ) continues to improve its services and PT KCJ will change the schedule for Red Line at 1 April 2013. On 1 April Commuter Line will depart from Bogor Station at 4:00 pm and Commuter Line from Jakarta Kota Station will go to Bogor Station at 00:25.


PT KCJ promises increased security due to the addition of the schedule and sequence of this train. A special team that are operating secretly will be assigned to provide security to each passenger of the Commuter Line. The number of security personnel will be increased from 14 thousand to 16 thousand for the entire train station and the Commuter Train. The addition of the number of Commuter Train will eventually shorten the waiting time of passengers and increasing the number of passenger volume for about 20 percent or about 140 million passengers in 2013.


Commuter Line schedule will be released on PT KCJ website on Monday 3/11/2013.


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