@CommuterLine to start operation from Tanah Abang to Maja

The new commuter train made by PT INKA or popularly know as KfW will start its operation by the end of March. The name of KfW is also referred to the fact that the commuter train production got a loan from German Development Bank (Kreditanstalt fur Wiederafbau / KfW). Each set of the KfW commuter train consists of eight cabin passengers and four cabin machinist. The KfW Commuter Train is also equipped with screens and loudspeakers to inform the passengers. As a form of security, KfW Train will have a sound as a marker when the doors are opened or closed. There is also an emergency button on the passenger door, the glass can be break when emergency conditions. There is also a fire extinguisher in every cabin passenger.


On 4 March, PT KAI has been testing the KfW at Tanah Abang – Maja, and it takes 95 minutes. After that, the Directorate General of Railways and PT KAI will officially operate the KfW trains from of Tanah Abang station towards Maja Station. For the first phase, the government will provide 10 KFW train to PT KAI to support the achievement of company target of carrying 1.2 million passengers per day in 2018.


For now, the Green Line is served by four air conditioned commuter train (Commuter Line) and a non air conditioned commuter train. PT KCJ Communications Manager, Eva Chairunisa, said the five series that serves 76 electric train trip. She revealed that the addition of this mileage has been studied thoroughly. Eva hope that the headway between commuter train is about 15 minutes, but to maximize the accuracy of the train arrival time depends on natural conditions Greater Jakarta. “For accuracy of the arrival, we are only able to provide anouncer if there is any delay,” she said.


Head of Public Relations of PT KAI Jakarta, Purbawa said, so far this year, PT KAI to focus on revamping the station, including lengthening the platform. PT KAI also continue to coordinate with the Director General of Railways of the Ministry of Transportation, as well as with the relevant local government to build construction of flyover or underpass at every railroad crossing. As it is already known, Tanah Abang-Maja route will pass through the 16 station and takes about 1.5 hours.

To support the new routes, PT KAI to build a double track that was completed this month. Regarding the tariffs, for the time being is still Rp8.000.

Picture taken from here and here.


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