July 2013, Economic Commuter Train to stop operation

President Director of PT Kereta Api Indonesia, Ignatius Jonan, targeting the entire economic train, both commuter trains and long-distance trains will be replaced by air conditioned trains. The policy has been implemented gradually since last year and is targeted for completion in July 2013. With this policy, it will automatically increase the price of train tickets. Jonan explained that the purpose of replacement of non-AC trains to be air-conditioned solely to improve the quality of their service to the community. Based on the record of PT KAI, in 2012, there are 1228 non AC commuter train trip cancellation due to interference. In addition, there are 4217 air conditioned commuter train travel was disrupted.


Based on the PT KAI data already showed that non AC commuter train passengers decreased each year. In 2009, the number of non AC commuter train passengers totaled 86.6 million. In 2010 the figure fell to 69.3 million. In 2011, back down to 56 million, and in 2012 fall to 46.5 million. And conversely, the number of air conditioned commuter train is increasing. In 2009, the number of passengers totaled 43.9 million, in 2010 increased to 54.5 million, in 2011, increased to to 65 million, and in 2012 increased again to 87.5 million passengers. Jonan said the passengers trend shows that more and more people enjoying the use air conditioned commuter train since it was guaranteed accuracy over time, and is much safer and more comfortable, even though they have to pay higher prices.

PT KAI will add as many as 164 trips for commuter train so there will be 699 trips per day for commuter train. PT Indonesia Train (KAI) will add commuter train until 23.00 for the Blue Line. In addition, PT KAI will add a train to travel on Blue Line. While for Red Line, PT KAI will add four trains. For loopline, PT KAI plans to operate three new trains.


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