About 5 thousand passengers can be transported in the Pink Line

The railway in the area of Tanjung Priok has overgrown weeds as high as one meter. Four years ago the Ministry of Transportation has cleared the 9 km’s long railway line. The route is no longer in use for more than 10 years and it was going to be operated for the Pink Line on December 1, 2011.

The Commuter Train line is colored with pink, the line is displayed in the commuter train route map that exist in every carriage. Pink Line should carry passengers from Jakarta Kota Station towards Kampung Bandan Station, then to Ancol Station, and ends in Tanjung Priok Station. But because the Pink Line is no longer in operation until Tanjung Priok station, the railways was again returned to unmaintained well. The Commuter Train on the Pink Line now only served passanger from Jakarta Kota Station to Kampung Bandan Station. If you want to go to Tanjung Priok StationTran, you need to travel with TransJakarta

Director of Jakarta Kota Station, Agus Wibisono, said that about 5,000 passengers can be transported per day if the Pink Line back to operation until Tanjung Priok Station. According to him, the line to Tanjung Priok station is always crowded since 1980, because of the access road from the Jakarta Kota to the Tanjung Priok often hampered by heavy traffic jams.


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