The Jakarta Old City will be changed into like Venice

A number of tourism entrepreneurs expressed their willingness to change the old city the old into areas like Venice in Italy. “The willingness of employers is if there is an agreement of cooperation with the Jakarta government. It means that the Jakarta government need to give the management authority rather provide the the budget,” said Head Tambora Sub Dictrict, Isnawa Aji in Jakarta.

The Jababeka also willing to juggle water in the Great river that are now in dirty and muddy water condition becomes clear. “Because Jababeka have waste treatment and power plant itself,” said Aji Isnawa. Seriousness Jababeka manage in the Great River, to turn the Old City also has to involve the mayor of Lowenburg city in German to review this location. “If the Jakarta government is willing to do the cooperation work with Jababeka, the Jakarta government did not have to bother, ranging from management, including technical approach. The Jababeka willing to contribute to provincial budget,” he said.

Anhar, One of the collector, is willing to build a restaurant reside if of the Great River with knockdown system, and he will prepare the Jung Boat (such as Chinese boat). “The boat was already 150 years old.  If it is manifested in the Great River, the Old City area is similar to Venice in Italy,” he said.

Kali Besar or the Great River with width of 20 meters and a length of approximately 2.5 kilometers in the Dutch colonial era is first used as the water traffic outside to transport goods in and out of the sea, through the Port of Sunda Kelapa then brought to market in the Old City. But since 1970, the Great River is no longer used to transport anything since it is not well maintained.


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