UNESCO to support revitalizing the Jakarta Old City

The  revitalization plan by the Jakarta government has received a positive response from UN agencies engaged in the field of education, culture and tourism, UNESCO. Presented by Vice Governor of Jakarta, Basuki T. Purnama, UNESCO urged the Jakarta government to immediately revitalizing the Jakarta Old City, they are even suggested it since 1970.

The UNESCO direct involvement in structuring the Jakarta Old City is coming from their experience of to revitalize the Old Town in Japan. A number of properties in the Old City are owned by different owners, state-owned enterprise, province-owned enterprises, and also individuals.

Basuki claimed that he have already sent a letter to the President relating to the transfer of ownership of state-owned buildings to the Jakarta government. There are at least 70 percent properties owned by state-owned corporation.

UNESCO saw the arrangement of the Jakarta Old City had been going nowhere. The Issues of ownership is one of the obstacles to revitalize. Most building owners do not realize the importance of historical value of the building.

Within two weeks, the Jakarta governement will study the proposal submitted by the UNESCO. The UNESCO expressed their concern, that more and more buildings that have historical value will disappear, change shape, collapsed, or destroyed.


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