A few tips for Backpacking in Jakarta: The Old City

The day one

The closest commuter train station to the old city is the Jakarta Kota Station.  The Old City of Jakarta offer you the 350 years of the Dutch Colonial atmosphere, you can visit many interesting places in this place.

First thing to see is the Museum it self. This museum is a first thing to see since it is only open from 9 to 15 everyday except on Monday.

Once you get out from the Jakarta Kota Station you can find the magnificent Batavia City Hall or now called the Jakarta History Museum. The other must see Museum is the Puppet Museum, Fine Art & Ceramic Museum, Museum of Bank Indonesia, and Museum of Bank Mandiri.

In the center of the Jakarta History Museum, Puppet Museum, and the Fine Art & Ceramic Museum you can enjoy driving a bike at the Fatahillah Park. Take some photo is advisable too. Since it is good spot to take picture. You can also see the the old post office building in this park

From this center of the Old Batavia you can walk to the north along the Kali Besar to see the Red Shop, Yellow Lion Building, and the Kota Intan Bridge. Take a walk for a moment to the north and you will find the Kali Opak Monument, the Maritime Museum and the Syahbandar Tower.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the old port with many traditional inter islands ship, not to forget the Sunda Kelapa port. Please prepare your face there, a lot of dust is in the air.

After you finish enjoying the Old City, you can take a walk to see the Pasar Pecah Kulit, it is a well known place where the Peter Everberveld is being sentece to death in very tragic ways. Not to forget the see the Las Vegas of Batavia and also the Kali Angke. Kali Angke is popularly known as the killing fields of the Chinese community in Batavia.

If you need to sit and to drink you can find a convenience store in the Old City, a very enjoyble too. The small one is located just next to Fatahillah Park while the other that have more space lies between Fatahillah Park and the Kali Besar. You can drink some beer and also to have some cigarette to smoke


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