Is it Possible to have an Integrated Payment System for @CommuterLine and @BLUTransJakarta ?

Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation Suroso Alimoeso expects that Jakarta Commuter Line can be developed and to have synergy with other transportation, such as Transjakarta or other modes of transportation. Unfortunately, until now, the expectation is still far from realization because there has never been a serious discussion about the integration of these modes.

Director of the BLU Transjakarta, M. Akbar, said that they intend to makes the payment system can be integrated between BLU TransJakarta and the Jakarta Commuter Line services. Eva Chairunissa, Public Relation Manager of PT KCJ recognize that there had been some talks to integrate the payment system but not quite a deep and serious talks.

By now, BLU Transjakarta have a cooperation with five banks for e-ticketing services, namely Bank BNI, BRI, Mandiri, BCA and Bank DKI. While PT KCJ choose to have cooperation with PT Telkom although the intended use of the electronic ticket is also to facilitate the integration of transport modes. “It’s easier if the government will instruct the integration, Commuter Line is ready to support,” said Eva.

Currently, in Jakarta, there are already some Commuter Train station located adjacent to the Transjakarta shelter. Some of them are located in the Dukuh Atas, Cawang, Kota, and Jatinegara. Referring to the practice in other countries, these conditions do meet the prerequisites for the integration of of different type of public transportation, including the use of electronic ticketing.

Integration of of the payment system will facilitate movement of passengers from the train to the bus or vice versa. In this way, it is expected people in large cities will prefer to use mass transit in their daily activities.

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