A few tips for Backpacking in Jakarta: The Weltevreden

After enjoying the Old City, and take a rest for a moment and enjoying your beer. You may start again your travel. For day two, my advice is to visit theare that used to called Weltevreden. Weltevreden (Dutch, which means a quiet and contented place) is the main living area of the High Rank official of the Dutch Indies on the suburb of the Old City within approximately 10 kilometers from the old Batavia to the south.

Let us start with the historical Chinese Mayor House, the Candra Naya Building. To the south, you can find the National Archive Building, this house have a monumental slave bell. Take a walk to the south, in the Harmoni Bridge you can find the replica of the Hermes Statue here, while the original you can find it at Jakarta History Museum.

From here, you can walk to the Museum of Incription Park, it used to be the grave yard for the Europeans in the Batavia. Just accros the Museum, you can find the remarkable Constitutional Court building.

After enjoying the Constitutional Court, you can take a walk to the National Museum and not to forget the National Monument and one of the largest park in the world the Medan Merdeka Square. Do not forget to go the top of the National Monument, you can see Jakarta from this side. Take a walk to the north, you can find the Independence Palace and behind it you can find the State Palace. Please remember, no picture before those two palace if you do not want to get in trouble with the Palace guards.

Let me show you the other palace that you can freely take picture. Go to the west from the State Palace, you will find the Jakarta Philatelic Office and also the Jakarta Art House. Near the Jakarta Art House you can find the Daendels Palace and the White House. Before the palace you can take a break your journey to see the lovely Waterloo Plein.

After a little break, take a walk to the southeast and you can find the Pancasila House. I think you can not easly come in the building, since the ministry of foreign affairs currently still use this building. From this point, go to the National Art Gallery then take a walk to the STOVIA Medical School now known as the National Awakening Museum.

I bet you must be crazy to walk that far, be quick to find your warm bed at your hostel 🙂


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