PT INKA: an Anti Flood Locomotive to be launched

PT Industri Kereta Apil (PT INKA), a state-owned railways company been able to develop a fully locomotive production in the country with the code CC 300. Development 300 CC has been done by PT INKA since 2009, and the product will be officially launched next month and claimed as an anti-flood.

PT INKA President Director Agus Purnomo said the locomotive project is a cooperation project between PT INKA with the Ministry of Transportation. PT INKA claims that CC 300 has a design that allows for through a flooded railway. CC 300 has an electrical system with diesel hydraulic propulsion. With such system, even though the tracks were flooded 1 meter, the train still moving. Currently, there are three locomotives being manufactured and ready to be given to the Ministry of Transportation by PT INKA.


Nevertheless, it appears that PT INKA locomotives will not be used for Commuter Train operating in Greater Jakarta

Picture source from here

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