PT. INKA to build SHIA Railways Train

PT Industri Kereta Api (PT INKA), a state-owned train manufacturer, in cooperation with Bombardier  remains the sole bidder for the contract to build the trains and provide services for the project, after the company beat two chinese company in procurement. PT INKA, however, still need  to pass a technical review from the rail line developer Rilink, a joint venture of state railway operator Kereta Api Indonesia and state airport operator PT. Angkasa Pura II.

The commuter line would connect SHIA and Manggarai station in Central Jakarta, through densely populated areas in West Jakarta and Tangerang. The construction of the railway will cost about Rp 2.27 trillion, about 90 percent of which is coming from the state budget.

If the PT INKA be declared as the winner, they can complete the 10 six-carriage trains within the contracted 20-month deadline.


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